Why is electricity so expensive in New Jersey?

Everyone these days are looking to lower electric bills. Between trying to reduce overall costs to save money, and trying to live a more natural, greener lifestyle there are only so many available options for consumers. In higher population areas like New Jersey, California, and New York the cost of energy is growing while the cost of living remains the same. For New Jersey residents, NJ solar energy is one of the most cost-effective, long-term solutions to lowering that electric bill for good.

First let’s take a look at the main reason energy costs are on the rise in homes. Insulation levels is a growing concern in New Jersey. Older homes may not even have insulation at all. In order to keep the heat in your house during the colder months, this is reversed for the warmer months, it is recommended that homes maintain at least 12” of insulation. In conjunction with proper levels, homes should also make sure their heating and cooling system as well as duct work is in proper working order. Addressing both issues will lower the cost of electricity in most homes.

However, to really save money on high energy costs in NJ solar energy is really a more solid, long-term solution. Solar energy has a lot of benefits, but due to the over scientific jargon some may not fully understand how it actually works or how it will lower your bills. There is also concern over the cost to get started versus the cost of the electric bill now, but if you want to lower your electric bill now and forever solar is worth checking into.

Solar energy is essentially the energy that the earth receives from the suns rays. The very same rays that allow plants to complete photosynthesis can be harnessed to heat homes, businesses, and even recreational vehicles. In fact, Vaclav Smil, a leading energy researcher and author of “Transforming the Twentieth Century: Technical Innovations and Their Consequences” stated that Earth’s atmosphere absorbed roughly 3,850,000 exajoules (EJ) per year. To break this down in layman terms, this energy from the sun would be more than enough to power the entire planet, and it is twice as much energy as other non-renewable resources commonly used around the world. This gives us a true clean energy that is essentially free after the cost of the solar energy system.

Now there are multiple types of solar energy systems available depending upon the needs of each household. Most common are solar heating for hot water, solar for HVAC systems, and of course there are systems available for an entire house. Knowing the system that will work best is the very first step, but keep in mind that going full solar will give the biggest savings on lower electric bills. Once you’ve decided on which type of system will work all you need to do next is to get the system installed, and start saving money on electricity for as long as the sun continues to rise.

However, installation doesn’t need to be done all at once either. Solar can be done over time, and even starting with a smaller system like solar hot water should result in a drop in energy costs. There are also multiple programs available for residences and businesses who are using solar power. These tax breaks are granted to help off set the cost of equipment and installation. This helps to bring the clean, green solar energy to more and more homes, and lower electric bills with solar power in NJ once and for all.

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