New Jersey Solar Has Helped Local Consumers

Solar power is exactly what it sounds like. Solar power is the ability to convert the sun’s rays into solar energy or electricity. Solar power is not a new concept. Solar power plants were developed in the 80s after the energy crises of the 70s. Every time there is a rise in the cost of fossil fuels or a rise in monetary concerns, we look to the power of the sun. There is the added benefit of being healthy for the environment that has people investigating solar options.

Over the years, it was pretty expensive to get started with solar power units. They typically cost thousands of dollars. The cost did vary then, like it does now, from area to area. NJ solar systems are no exception. The roof of the home makes a huge difference in the cost of solar power installation. Solar panels are heavy glass that needs to be securely locked onto the roof. The arms of the solar panel are mechanized to move with the movement of the sun. The solar panels cannot work if they are facing in the wrong direction or the rays of the sun are not directly on the panels. They also need to be at an angle so that in snowy areas, they are not buried under mounds of snow. New Jersey solar systems are ones that have to worry about the snow. Solar panels will not work if the sun can’t get to them. All of that combined for an upfront cost that was out of reach for most homeowners. New Jersey solar systemsare now much lower in cost.The cost of solar power panels and installations has gone way down now. New Jersey solar power is within reach of homeowners living in that state. Like any technology, when it first comes out it is overly expensive but then goes down as it becomes more popular and other manufacturers get on board. This was true of DVD players, computers and other technology. New Jersey solar power is saving customers over $80 a month. Over the next 20 years, that is almost $20,000 in savings. Not only are many companies getting involved in selling solar panel installations, the government is offering tax deals and various discounts for homeowners that take advantage of solar power. Each state varies and the consumer should investigate the tax breaks in their area. NJ solar systems became a much better deal with the addition of these government incentives.

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