Solar in Burlington County, NJ

Burlington, NJ solar has some of the best solar rebates and solar financings available for you to enjoy NJ solar energy!Home to more than 440,000 residents, Burlington County is gradually switching to home grown NJ solar energy. With New Jersey’s electric rates more than 45% higher than the national average, solar energy is a wise investment with short and long-run benefits. With energy costs predicted to rise over 30% in the next few years, understanding solar energy is the first and potentially most important step in controlling your energy costs.

Burlington County installed its first solar installation in 2009. The $1.5 million dollar solar investment included 88 panels, which have the producing capacity of 27 kW annually. The system, although only providing 10% of the County building’s energy needs, will save the county up to $19,000 annually. Burlington County also expects to earn about $13,000 annually by selling their New Jersey Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Another notable installation is on the tri-military service Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Two installations, yielding 155,100 kWh annually, were installed in 2010, which reduce the base’s annual carbon emissions by 202,793 pounds.

If you live in Burlington County and are interested in residential solar or commercial solar, let us know and we’ll get you connected to a local installer right away!